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Equipment rental

SOOPA equipment is rented primarily to members for their personal use (membership fee must be paid). The fee is determined by the length of time the renter wants to use the equipment. During SOOPA hikes and two weeks before, tents, skis, etc. are reserved for these hikes. In addition to renting equipment, SOOPA has some individual items that can be borrowed free of charge on a case-by-case basis (e.g. SOPU-dryer).

Let’s keep the equipment in good shape, so the next user can use it comfortably, be it someone else or yourself! If the equipment is neglected, the user will repair or pay for the damage. For example, a lost tent peg is charged 1 euro.

All equipment needs to be rented from the equipment manager.

NOTE! The equipment manager must be contacted at least two weeks before the rental date.

Equipment for rent (for SOOPA members)

ski package (skis, sticks, boots) € 5 / day, € 20 / week
sticks/skis € 10 / week
boots € 15 / week
spare ski tip € 5 / week
tent € 5 / day, € 20 / 1st week, € 5 / every additional week
laavu / shelter € 5 / week
backpack € 5 / day, € 20 / week
sleeping mat € 5 / week
sleeping bag € 5 / week
snow shovel € 5 / loan
axe € 5 / loan
saw € 5 / loan
ice saw € 10 / loan
dryer free / max 1 week at a time
other equipment by request

The SOOPA group tent (10-15 people) will be rented in accordance with the following agreement, subject to government approval.

SOOPAn Puolijoukkueteltan Vuokrausohje Ja Sopimus (in Finnish)

Rent to non-SOOPA members

tent € 10 / day, € 40 / week, € 10 / every additional week

The rent for other equipment is similarly doubled.

Use of equipment at SOOPA events and hikes

SOOPA will lend tents for events and hikes for free. For hikes snow shovels, axes, and spare ski tips are also inclusive. Other equipment can be rented at weekly rates, even if the hike takes more than a week.