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Gear list for winter hike


This gear list is a general guideline. For first-time hikers we recommend to follow the list. Experienced hikers are free to customize their own list.

Make sure to pack your sleeping bag and clothes in waterproof bags.

Some gear (skis, tents) can be rented from Soopa, please contact the equiptment master for details. Contacts must be made at least two weeks in advance!

Personal gear

hiking skis (forest skis) + bindings to the skis Test the skis and bindings beforehand.
skiing sticks with big rings there will be a lot of snow, so small rings will not carry your weight.
backpack + rain cover (or ahkio) At least 60 litres, preferably 70-80
sleeping bag A good winter bag or two inside each other.
trekking mattress 2-3 cm of isolation, use two if in doubt.
skiing boots + linings + extra linings Or skiing shoes that fit your bindings


It is important to protect your body from wind, moisture and cold. Wearing several thin layers of clothing and adding or taking them off when necessary helps keeping you comfortable.

Windproof coat with hood
windproof trousers preferably water-resistant
technical underwear and spares merino wool or polypropylene etc. No cotton!
warm cap windproof
gloves windproof
socks No cotton.
warm jacket for breaks down etc., necessary
quilted trousers
sweater or fleece jacket
Wool trousers etc.
baclava, scarf
spare gloves
spare socks, underwear  No cotton!

Personal oddments

sunglasses Absolutely necessary. Spares would be also good to have
sun lotion Sun on spring snow burns skin easily
toilet paper pack waterproof!
toothbrush and paste
newspaper pages for drying boots
trash bag for both you and a friend
map from SOOPA
plastic cover keeps map readable
knife sharp, for kindling etc.
Head lamp necessary, it’s going to be dark. You might need to ski with its light.
spare batteries for lamp, cold kills batteries fast.
skiing wax prepare for different conditions.
matches waterproof, consider multiple separately packed packs.
candles light and stove-boosting
irtoremmejä teltan, lapioiden ym. kiinnittämiseen
skiing goggles for blizzards
face mask for cold and wind
personal medicine
lip salve
plaster Compeed and regular
sanitary towels
freshen-up towels or desinfection liquid


plastic cup, plate & cutlery in a canvas bag approx. 0,5 kg
flask at least 1 l, hang it under your jacket somehow. 2 kg full
thermos flask necessary, at least 0,75 l. 1-1,5 kg full
thermos flask for food 0,75l large mouth for lunch, optional. 1-1,5 kg full
food breakfast, lunch, dinner  4-5 kg
small nibbles raisins, nuts, chocolate, cookies, dry fruit 100-200 g/day
condiments salt, sugar, pepper, chili for taste
drinks powdered milk, chocoa powder, coffee, tea etc.


Unnecessary, but nice

camera Memory card and battery.
playing cards
cabin shoes easier to walk around
dish towel dries dishes faster, 1 per food pair
snow brush
clothespins for hanging clothes.
seat cover For sitting on cold cabin benches or snow.
extra spoon, cup etc,

Sauna bag

For after the hike

Food & drink for first day ready from home, unless group decides otherwise.
clean clothes ’ei välttämätön’, mutta mukava myös vieruskaverille
Sauna gear (towel, soap etc.) can be on hike
food for return trip It’s a long journey.

Group gear

approx. 2-5 kg per person. Group can decide on how weight is split if necessary. You don’t personally have to own everything, group can agree on how to get the needed equipment. Tents from Soopa

Tent Necessary, there might not always be a cabin available
Stoves 1 stove/2 people, 2 litres of fuel per stove
spade 1 – 2 light spades/ group.
First aid plasters, disinfectant, dressing, cast, pain killer etc
repair kit iron wire, thread, needles, duct tape
hike diary from SOOPA
spare skiing stick
spare ski cusp
GPS doesn’t replace map + compass!
axe For firewood and water holes
cooking and dishwashing gear  spatula, brush etc.