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Autumn hike 2018: Lomsdal-Visten, Børgefjell and Vindelfjällen, 25.8.-1.9.

SOOPA’s (University of Oulu Scout Troop) traditional Autumn Hike this year will be heading to a totally new area in Norway. That area is also the southmost area that SOOPA has explored in Norway. This time we are heading to National parks of Lomsdal-Visten and Børgefjell. Those parks are right next to each other. the first is in the coast with fjords and the other next to border of Sweden. On the bus travel we will also pass the familiar (from other SOOPA hikes) area of Vindelfjällen. You can also leave the bus earlier and go to hike Vindelfjällen if you like.

Bus will be leaving Oulu early in the morning in 25th August and we will return in the evening of 1st September. So we will have 6 full days of hiking. Sign-up at no later than Monday the 23th of July 11:50pm Friday the 3th of August 11:50pm (sign-up time continued)

Can I take part of the SOOPA hike? What it is like to hike in autumn time? What kind of people are other hikers?

Answers to questions above and many other about autumn hike including gear list you will find from this page. If you have not hiked a lot before, you are  first timer in group hike or SOOPA hike then it is absolutely necessary for you to read carefully that page!

Hiking with SOOPA differs from hiking alone or pairs significantly. SOOPA hikes are group hikes that means that group must work together and group dynamics shape the spirit of the hike. People participating our hikes are adults, usually future, present or past students of universities of Finland and exchange students from all over the world.

However student status is not the qualification for the hike nor missing student status restriction to take part to the hike. The most important aspects are cheerful and brave attitude, curious mind, adequate fitness and health and a will to take part of the group.

Our hikers have mutual interest in hiking and experiencing the nature. According our experience even people that did not know each other before the hike have made the group work perfectly and found new friends from the hike.

Hiking areas

Lomsdal-Visten national park has a reputation as the Sarek of Norway (Sarek in Sweden is the largest protected wilderness area in Europe and known for a rugged terrain and area without tracks or huts). Lomsdal-Visten has the challenging landscape with high altitude differences and difficult river crossings, few trails and only few cabins. You have to carry with you all you need, calculate good time and be prepared for really inexhaustible weather. Area is characterized by heavy rain and frequent weather changes. Surrounding areas of Lomsdal-Visten are easier to hike and are suitable for first timers also. From Lomsdal-Visten you can find mountains, fjords, streams, caves and birds. You will find more info from this leaflet and you can see map here.

Børgefjell a paradise for trout fishing. Remote, rugged and wild are three words that perhaps characterize Børgefjell best. Eastern part of the park have fjells of dark granite. Most of the characteristics above about Lomsdal-Visten are valid for also to Børgefjell. It is maybe not that rainy and it is easier to hike than Lomsdal-Visten. You will find more info from this leaflet and you can see map here.

Vindelfjällen is the largest nature reserve in Sweden. Its diverse terrain offers something for every hiker: high mountains, wet swamps, forests and treeless plateau. The most popular hiking route Kungsleden starts from Hemavan. That is easy place to start hiking with marked track and several huts (you need to pay for sleeping there). Vindelfjällen is good are for first time hikers because of marked paths, bridges over streams and huts. You will find more info from this leaflet and you can see map here.

Hike Schedule

SOOPA is organizing autumn hike with following steps:
1. Pre-info about target and hike date
2. Sign-up time starts. Autumn hike is published in email lists and facebook. Sign-up form is now open
3. Sign-up time ends 23th July Friday the 3th of August 11:50pm
4. Group forming. After that groups and hike instructions are sent to hikers
5. Hikers meeting where hikers meet with their own group and also SOOPA organizers will be there. In that meeting groups will agree about their routes and other mutual issues. Hikers meeting is in Sunday 5th August 12th August in SOOPA kolo (locate F1 door from outside Oulu University and press SOOPA door bell)
6. Groups organize themselves, hikers buy last missing gears, organizers copy maps to hikers
7. Hiking bus starts 25th of August
8. Six days of hike
9. Return day 1st September. We will stop to have a dinner and bath (includes in to hike price)


Bus schedule

We will travel to the hiking area by bus. Bus will start early in the morning in Saturday 25th August. Pick-up schedule and places are the following: 1) 7:30 a.m. Linnanmaa parking area near T2 door (Uni. campus). 2) 8 a.m. Tuira (Merikoskenkatu) and 3) 8:15 a.m. the Central Bus Station in the city centre (we are going to wait morning train InterCity 273, 23:13 Helsinki – 08:12 Oulu). Bus leaves Oulu 8:30 a.m. and will be in Hemavan about 6:30 p.m. and in Norway about  8-10 p.m.

We will return back to Oulu on Saturday evening 1th of September about 8:30pm. When we return to Oulu, you can be dropped off at the same places.
The departure and arrival times will be arranged according to the arrival/departure times of the trains from southern Finland.
The exact schedule for the hike will be announced later in the instructions sent to the hikers after the sign-up period has ended.

Before returning back home we will have sauna and after-hike meal, which are included in the price. Please note that you should take along towels, swimming suit, shampoo and fresh clothes in a separate bag for the after-hike sauna. Those things can be left on the bus during the hike so you do not have to carry them with you for a week.


Signing up

Sign up for the hike with this online form. The last day for registration is 23th of July 2018 Friday the 3th of August 11:50pm before midnight. This is also when all the payments for the hike are due. If you sign up after this it will cost 15 euros extra and you should also send email to the hike organizers about your participation. Sign up after is only possible if there are places free in the bus and proper group for you can be found.

SOOPA has the right to deny the hike from a person who is seen as dangerous to himself or the group. This might occur due to some of following reasons: poor fitness level, lack of hiking skills or health condition. In such a case, all payments will be reimbursed to that person.

If SOOPA must cancel the hike for some reason, all payments will be reimbursed, and you can also ask the membership fee back if you do not plan to attend any other SOOPA events

SOOPA hikes are member only so all hikers must pay SOOPA membership free.

All SOOPA’s events are alcohol-free.


Price and payment

The price for the hike is 95 euros. The price includes transportation from Oulu to the hiking area and back, sauna and a buffet lunch on the way back, and a map of the hiking area. The price does not include any insurance. Everyone needs to get one individually. The participants must also pay SOOPA’s member or supporting member fee for the year 2018 to take part in the hike. Please follow the instructions for becoming a SOOPA member and paying the membership fee.

All payments have to be made to SOOPA’s bank account:

IBAN: FI72 574136 20057718
Reference number: 11565
Sum: 95 euros + SOOPA’s member or supporting member fee for the year 2018

The payments for the hike have to be paid to SOOPA’s bank account by 23rd of July at the latest, so we recommend that you can pay it right after signing up. Those who have not paid the participation fee for the hike or SOOPA’s membership fee by the deadline will not be considered as participating on the hike. If they still want to join the hike, they must follow the instructions for late sign-up. If it is not possible for you to pay to SOOPA’s bank acocunt then ask your finnish friend use her bank account to pay on behalf of you. In that case ask your friend to enter your name to the message field.

Contact information

If you have more questions about the hike
contact soopa.vaeltaa(at)

Welcome to the Autumn hike!
SOOPA Autumn Hike committee