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Gear list for autumn hike

Kaveria ei jätetä

This gear list is a general guideline. If you need more information about Autumn Hike in general then visit this guide page. For first-time hikers we recommend to follow the list. Experienced hikers are free to customize their own list. Backpack fully packed weights about 15-20 kg.

Pay attention to pack your sleeping bag and clothes in waterproof bags.

Some gear like tents can be rented from Soopa, please contact the equiptment master for details. Contacts must be made at least two weeks in advance!

Personal gear

bagpack and rain cover volume of at least 60 litres
sleeping bag 3-season sleeping bag or two summer bags, comfortable in at least –5°C
sleeping mat 3-season trekking mattress or two thinner mattresses
hiking boots boots that you are comfortable hiking with
sandals etc. for crossing rivers and using in camps
walking sticks helps in crossing rivers etc.


It is important to protect your body from wind, rain and cold. Wearing several thin layers of clothing and adding or taking them off when necessary helps keeping you comfortable.

windproof jacked with a hood
windproof trousers
waterproof jacket (and trousers) waterproof trousers also help keeping your shoes dry
set of technical underwear e.g. polypropylene or thin merino wool
set of warm underwear e.g. fleece, wool
(sport)socks no cotton. Take also extra pair(s). You can also take loose woolen socks that keep your feet warm in a tent or hut.
spare underwear no cotton
warm and windproof cap
warm and windproof gloves take also extra pair
scarf, balaclava
shorts and t-shirt use your discretion
other clothes if needed use your discretion and check the weather report

Personal oddments

map from SOOPA
map bag or plastic cover you can also coat your map
matches in waterproof packing
knife sharp one
accessory straps to fasten gear to your backpack
trash bags to bring all your trash back
head lamp if needed
plasters also special plasters for bladders for example Compeed
some painkiller
personal medicines
lip salve
toothbrush, toothpaste
toilet paper in waterproof packing
freshen-up towels/hand disinfection liquid
sun glasses if needed
nail scissors

Luxury gear

These are not necessary. You can consider taking them with you if you have enough carrying capacity and space.

deck of playing cards
thermos flask only if the weather is cold
candle if needed, lightning up wilderness cabins
sun cream
ear plugs
mosquito repellent


Take with you your own cutlery and enough food. Food weights about 0,5 -1 kg / person / day.

plastic plate, spoon and mug in a fabric bag
drinking bottle capacity of at least 0,5 liter
ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner more info at the hike food page
salt and other spices
bread, butter/margarine, cheese, baloney
nibbles e.g. chocolate, raisins, nuts, bisquits
drinks e.g. tea bags, instant coffee, cocoa powder, milk powder

Group gear

It is not necessary to own all the group gear mentioned in the list because the group members can agree together on how to get the equipment needed. SOOPA borrows tents for hiking groups.

tent from SOOPA, strong enough to withstand high winds
Trangia or equivalent cooking stove one cooking stove / 2 persons
stove fuel one litre of Sinoli for one Trangia
ladle, spatula, whisk, brush for cooking and for washing the dishes
first aid kit plasters, disinfectant, dressing, cast, pain killer etc.
repair kit e.g. strong thread and a needle, thin iron wire, duct tape
booklet for hike diary from SOOPA
GPS does not replace map and compass
axe if needed

Sauna bag

In addition to these you should have a towel, detergents and a change of clothes for sauna after the hike. These can be stored in the bus during the hike.