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SOOPA’s hikes and other events


SOOPA organises a variety of events throughout the year. Everyone is welcome to take part in any event, as long as they are capable of doing so.

Long Hikes

SOOPA organises 3 one-week hikes each year. Two of them are during the winter and one during the autumn. These hikes are the most challenging events that SOOPA arranges. While everyone is welcome to take part, we do reserve the right to deny access to people without sufficient skills or physical fitness to be safe during the hike. All of these week-long hikes work on the principle of small 4-8 person groups carrying everything they need for a week in an area where seeing other people is unlikely.

During winters there can be over 1 meter of snow on the ground so skiing is the only way to move efficiently. Without skiing skills taking part in a hike like this is impossible. People who don’t know how to ski can be taught the basics if there is snow in Oulu before the hike starts. Then it is up to each participant to make sure that they practice enough to be able to cope during the hike. A simple guideline is that you should be able to ski 3 km over flat terrain without deep powdery snow while carrying 20 kg on your back. The autumn hike does not require skiing skills, but decent fitness is required. Being able to walk at least 15 km a day with all your equipment is a sufficient level. Other skills that are needed during all hikes (but that can also be learned during them) include orienteering, cooking on portable stoves, making fires and putting up tents.

Weekend Hikes

SOOPA’s weekend hikes vary greatly in how challenging they are. Most are easy and safe for beginners, but every now and then ‘interesting’ weather has caused an otherwise easy weekend hike to become a bit more of a challenge. For example, skiing 20 km in a meter of powdery snow was tiring. Usually weekend hikes are a lot easier. Each one is different, so it’s worth reading carefully the email about the hike you want to take part in. Usually taking part is possible for anyone, but often it’s good to practice skiing beforehand if the hike is during winter. The winter in Finland is long, so we spend a lot of time skiing.

Day Trips

Day trips are organised close to Oulu. We might go geocaching, bird watching etc. Just come along and you’ll be fine. Remember to take a look at the weather forecast just to make sure you’ll be properly dressed.

Evening Events

Usually held at the Kolo, our meeting place at the university, Linnanmaa. Anyone can take part as long as they find the Kolo (2nd floor, next to F1 door). SOOPA’s evening events are the easiest way to get to know new people and spend a nice evening. We might play board games, watch a film, cook, learn something new, go climbing or just about anything else.

If you have any trouble finding Kolo (or reaching it), call or write to anyone whose number may have been mentioned in an event description.