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SOOPA is the student scout troop of in Oulu. We’re interested in different kinds of outdoor, scouting and sports activities.

We’ve had many foreign students to join our trips, for example exchange students from Italy, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic, France, Japan… and they’ve all survived! So if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask more. We try to keep some short basic information about upcoming events here on the website (often we fail to do so in English).

There is also a mailing list of SOOPA (most messages include english summary) and a Facebook group for more general discussion. For any questions, try asking in the Facebook group or drop a line to any person mentioned in an event description. You can also ask through the mailing list!

Joining SOOPA

In order to take part in our events, you should pay a membership fee to our bank account. In 2024: 5€/year for those who are or have been students in Oulu, and 10€ for everyone else.

IBAN:      FI72 574136 20057718
Reference number: 11510

You can also ask a friend to pay for you (sometimes international transfers can be costly), but in that case do not use the reference number, use a message instead and write ”Membership fee for First_name Last_name” in the message, so we know from whom the payment is actually coming from.

After doing that, please fill in the membership form below or send the same information by email to ”rahastonhoitaja” or ”jäsenrekisterinhoitaja”, see contact information. SOOPA privacy policies. Please note that we don’t offer any insurance!

Next events

(please check out the SOOPAs facebook page and the discussion group for events not listed here)

Easter Hike Sat 23.3. – 1.4. Sarek (Sweden)

Easter hike 2024 WELCOME TO SOOPA’S EASTER HIKE! SOOPA organizes its traditional easter hike with Hydepakki 23.3.-1.4.2023. This spring the destination is Sarek national park and its surroundings. The area features broad possibilities for hikers with different ambition levels. Glistening snow, warm sunshine and starry nights. Skiing surrounded by untouched nature. As we all know, […]

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Winter Hike Fri 29.12. – Fri 5.1. Kemihaara, Korvatunturi, Vongoiva, Tuntsa (110€)

It’s soon time for SOOPA’s traditional winter hike to Lapland! Registration for the hike is open now. The hike is organized in cooperation with Hydepakki. This year we will be heading to Kemihaara and its surroundings in Eastern Lapland. Kemihaara Wilderness Area and the southern part of Urho Kekkonen National Park have various beautiful landscapes […]

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Autumn hike 20.8.-27.8. Kilpisjärvi & Norway (95€)

WHAT Unforgettable autumn hike, amazing scenery and great companyWHERE Around Kilpisjärvi in Finland and Lyngen alps (Oteren) and Øvre Dividal in NorwayWHEN Sat 20.8. – Sat 27.8.2022HOW MUCH 95€ and membership fee 2022FROM WHERE Bus from RovaniemiSIGN UP DEADLINE 8.8. klo 23:59 QUESTIONS soopa.vaeltaa@gmail.comMORE INFO UP FORM Oulu University Scouting Association SOOPA ry […]

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