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Autumn hike 20.8.-27.8. Kilpisjärvi & Norway (95€)

WHAT Unforgettable autumn hike, amazing scenery and great company
WHERE Around Kilpisjärvi in Finland and Lyngen alps (Oteren) and Øvre Dividal in Norway
WHEN Sat 20.8. – Sat 27.8.2022
HOW MUCH 95€ and membership fee 2022
FROM WHERE Bus from Rovaniemi
SIGN UP DEADLINE 8.8. klo 23:59

ORGANIZER Oulu University Scouting Association SOOPA ry

Welcome to SOOPA’s annual autumn hike 2022! This year we will be heading to Kilpisjärvi and Øvre Dividal (Norway). We will get there by combination of bus and train. Our bus will leave from Rovaniemi 7:45 am 20.8. and to Rovaniemi you will get by train or bus. Journey home will happen in reverse order on 27.8. The bus will be back in Rovaniemi before 5 pm on 27.8.

The hikers are divided into smaller groups of 4–6 persons according to their personal preferences and fitness level (asked in the sign-up form). We will make sure that every group has sufficient skills to have a successful and safe hike. We will be sleeping in tents. However, sleeping in the open wilderness hut is also possible if there are any on the route.

The price of the hike is 95 euros which includes the bus transportation from Rovaniemi to destination and back to Rovaniemi, maps and sauna and dinner in Kilpisjärvi on the return trip. SOOPA lends and hires tents for the hiking groups. (check Equipment rental | SOOPA). All SOOPA events are alcohol free. Sign-up for an unforgettable experience in the wilderness dressed in beautiful autumn colours and accompanied with great company – the first 48 registrants will be guaranteed a seat!

Only hikers without symptoms can participate. In case you have to cancel the trip due to sickness or covid symptoms, you can reclaim a refund for the participation and membership fees. Also, if the number of participants is under the limit, the whole hike will be cancelled and Soopa will refund all the fees.

The sign-up form. Form will close on August 8nd at 23:59.

Destination descriptions (from easy terrain to hard one)

  • Relaxed – especially for pleasure-seekers and day-trippers, as well as newcomers to hiking:
    The Käsivarsi wilderness area north of Kilpisjärvi is the most rugged wilderness area in Finland. Although the terrain is difficult in places, the area is also suitable for those who are just beginning their hiking hobby. For convenience, there are huts a short daily hike away. The area is also heavily hiked, so the most used trails are visible in the landscape. The best known of the area’s trails is the Nordic Calotte Trail north of Kilpisjärvi. The highlight of the hike is the highest point in Finland, Halti at 1324m. The Nordic Calotte Trail can also be hiked in the direction of Sweden, e.g. to the Barras mountain.
  • Challenging – especially for those looking for a long day’s hiking for slightly more experienced hikers in good physical condition:
    Øvre Dividal National Park in Norway is quite unknown to Finns. It’s a long way to get there and along the way there are many temptations to choose a hiking spot closer. However, the long travelling is worth it, as the ”grass is greener” on the Norwegian side. Namely, the Gulf Stream has a strong influence on nature’s growth, and Øvre Dividal is a green valley of pine and birch trees, which offers joyful discoveries, especially for the nature lover. The area also has a strong Sámi culture. There are a few huts in the national park, some of which may need a key in the Norwegian style. The trip to Øvre Dividal is just a one-way ticket. From there, each group hikes from there to Kilpisjärvi on their own for about 90-120km. There are several fine peaks along the way, from which you can admire the scenery towards Norway, Sweden and Finland. The hike can be done by following the
    The Nordic Calotte Trail to Kilpisjärvi.
  • Extreme – especially for experienced hiking groups in top shape who want to challenge themselves on rocks and steep slopes:
    The Lyngen Alps is a famous free-skiing destination in Norway right next to Skibotten on the opposite shore of the Storfjorden fjord. Lyngen’s high sharp peaks rising directly from the sea (the highest is Jiekkevarri 1833m) resemble the peaks of the Alps. Lyngen’s proximity to the sea means that at the end of August it is already possible to experience all seasons in the same day. This unpredictability of the weather, combined with the extremely difficult pathless terrain with no cover, means that Lyngen is only suitable for experienced and fit hikers.

More information and the gear list can be found at SOOPA Autumn Hike Guide

Gear list for autumn hike | SOOPA

Other questions can be sent either to or SOOPA’s Facebook and Instagram (@soopary) page.

You can get a taste of the autumn hike on Mehtämikko’s videos.