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Easter Hike Sat 23.3. – 1.4. Sarek (Sweden)

Easter hike 2024


SOOPA organizes its traditional easter hike with Hydepakki 23.3.-1.4.2023. This spring the destination is Sarek national park and its surroundings. The area features broad possibilities for hikers with different ambition levels.

Glistening snow, warm sunshine and starry nights. Skiing surrounded by untouched nature. As we all know, Easter time is best spent hiking. And worry not, this year’s destination is spot on as well.

Sarek is one of Sweden’s broadest and oldest national parks. The park features scenery ranging from two-kilometer-peaks to forest-covered riverbanks. There are steep valleys between the mountain ranges, and you could spend the whole week in the wilderness without meeting other wanderers. Sarek is optimal for those seeking adventure, since there can be harsh arctic winds ravaging through the fjells and valleys. However, on the southern side, there are also more sheltered areas and Kungsleden, a well-marked track for those who want more calm conditions.

The easter hike will be done with forest skis, and we will mostly sleep in tents. For about a week, you will explore the area in groups. The group will plan their route theirselves, and depending on the group, as well as the conditions, the hike will be forty to hundred kilometers. You need to have basic hiking and skiing skills as well as an ability to adapt to changing conditions in order to join the hike. However, every group will include more experienced winter hikers and the groups will be made to accommodate for different fitness levels, hiking experience and distance covered.

If you have little experience in winter hiking, we sincerely encourage you to practice your skills on shorter trips. You are also welcome to come learn more and discuss with experienced hikers, as we organize info events in Oulu (20.2.) and Espoo (26.2). Especially if you’re considering going on your first winter hike, it is highly recommended to join. We will talk about winter hiking in general, the equipment required and safety measures. More info below.

Oulu Tuesday 20.2. 18

Info in SOOPA’s kolo.

Contact person Antti Pekkala 044-344 2386

Espoo Monday 26.2. at 18

Info at Otaniemi Undergraduate center (Otakaari 1) room M145a, 

If you don’t find your way, contact telegram @kyngben.


We are leaving from Oulu at 23.3. on Saturday morning and return to Oulu on Monday evening 1.4. The schedule will take train connections from and to south Finland into account so that also southerners can easily join the hike.

The price of the hike is 130 euros. That includes transportation from Oulu to Kvikjokk and back, maps of the area as well as sauna and lunch on the way home. In addition, the participants have to be members of SOOPA (see: Joining SOOPA). 

If you need to borrow any equipment, please ask about them from SOOPA’s equipment master).


If your inner explorer got excited, enroll to the hike by filling up the registration form.

Sign-up is open till 2.3. which is also the deadline for the payment.

We will hold a meeting for all participants on 11.3. to inform about all practicalities and answer questions. The meeting will be held online (link will be shared with the participants later).

SOOPA’s events are alcohol free.

SOOPA is not an official tour operator.

See you on the hike,

Easter Hike committee