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Easter hike to Abisko National park 13.4 – 20.4.2019

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Come and join SOOPA’s (University of Oulu Scout Troop) Easter Hike to Abisko national park in Northern Sweden! Abisko is located by wonderful Abiskojokk river that flows to beautiful Torniolake’s southern beach. Mountains topped by snow and birch forested hills decorate the area.  Bus trip to the hike starts from Oulu on Saturday morning, April 13th, and we will return back to Oulu on Saturday night, April 20th.

You are welcome to join the hike even if you are not a Scout. Previous trekking experience is not necessary (though highly recommended) but some level of skiing skills are required, as Abisko is a more demanding hiking area than the average. The group sizes during the hike will be about six people.

Even though it’s spring time, Easter hikes can be challenging so suitable gear for arctic weather conditions are needed. Especially first-time hikers should take their time to prepare themselves and check their equipment carefully. During the hike we will mostly be sleeping in tents so you should be prepared with appropriate gear. This gear list for winter hike gives you an overview of the most important items.

It is not necessary to own all the group gear mentioned in the list because the group members can agree together on how to get the equipment needed. Tents suitable for winter camping can be borrowed from SOOPA without charge, and SOOPA also has winter hiking skis and boots, that you can rent. For further information about the rental gear, take contact to the store-keeper of SOOPA, Astrid Olejarz astrid.olejarz[at]

There will be an info event about the practical arrangements of the hike on Tuesday 5.3 at 5 pm at Kolo. It’s worth going to, especially for the first-timers. In this event one will also get useful advice on what to do before the hike and on the hike itself. You can also ask the organizers and other experienced hikers all the mind bugging questions about the hike that you can come up with. You should also read through general guidelines for SOOPA’s hikes, especially if you haven’t been on one of our hikes before.

A pre-trip meeting will be held also with your hiking group. The meeting time and location will be announced later by email to all participants. It is an opportunity for you to get to know your fellow group members before the hike, and think about the route you want to take. Moreover, the groups can check that they have all the needed group gear, and assign cooking groups for the hike. If the group does not agree on the above-mentioned things in the pre-meeting, it is the group leader’s responsibility to make sure their arrangements are done. If you cannot make it to the meeting, please contact your group and group leader to get all the necessary information.

The price for the hike is 99 euros. In addition, you must pay the SOOPA membership fee  (EUR 7-8 depending on the member type). Please follow the instructions for becoming a SOOPA member and paying the membership fee. Hike fees have to be paid by the deadline of the sign up!

IBAN: FI72 574136 20057718
Reference number: 11594
Sum: 99 euros + SOOPA’s member fee for the year 2019

Deadline for sign up and payment is Tuesday 19.3!

The price includes transportation, a hiking map, as well as a sauna and a dinner at the end of the hike. Hiking food and stove fuels are not included in the price. The price does not include any insurance, thus everyone is responsible for that individually.

Sign up to the hike by filling in the sign up form. The deadline for the sign up is Tuesday 19.3.  There is room for the 45 fastest to sign up! If there is space left in the bus after the last sign up date, you can still post-register by contacting the trek organizers (soopa.vaeltaa (at) However, we will charge an extra 15 euros fee in case of late sign up, which must be paid upon registration to the hike.

SOOPA events are drug-free. SOOPA is not an official tour operator.

Welcome to the Easter Hike!