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Easter Hike 2014 to Abisko Sweden

Sunshine, snow and high summits, great hiking company and unforgettable downhill skiing!

This year SOOPA’s (University of Oulu scout troop) traditional Easter Hike will go to Abisko (Sweden) – and we invite you to join us on this great hike! We start for the hike from Oulu on Thursday evening, April 17th and will be back in Oulu on the following Wednesday evening April 23rd.

We will hike in groups of about six people, the groups will be assigned according to skill, desired hiking distances etc., so there should be a group for everybody, beginners as well as experienced hikers.

Everybody is welcome to join our hike. You don’t need to have any Scouting background, nor is it essential that you have winter hiked before (you should know how to ski though), and you don’t need to know people beforehand – you will get to know your group well during the hike. Depending on the snow depth, the hike might be on foot or skies. If you do not own all the hiking equipment yourself, that is not a problem either, as SOOPA or other group members can provide e.g. tents or cooking stoves and rent skies.

There will be an informative meeting on March 18th at 17.00 to provide you with some general information about the hike and to answer possible questions. The meeting is held at SOOPA’s ”kolo”, in the basements near the door 2T.

There will be a meeting before the hike where you will meet your fellow group members, decide on the route which you want to take and get answers to any other burning questions.

The costs for the trip are 75 €, moreover you will have to pay a SOOPA member fee of 7€. The price includes transport, copies of maps of the hiking area as well as sauna and a farewell meal on the return day of the hike. Meals for the actual hike as well as fuel for stoves is not included and must be purchased by the groups themselves. Moreover, everybody should have their own insurance for the trip.

Deadline for signing up is April 1st, so please sign up here

With greatings from SOOPAs Easter Hike Team!

For more information contact:
SOOPAs Easter Hike Team at paasiasparttio (at)