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Winter hike to Saariselkä and Hammastunturi 29.12.2014 – 5.1.2015


SOOPA’s (University of Oulu Scout Troop) traditional Winter Hike will this year be heading to Saariselkä and Hammastunturi Wilderness Areas in North-eastern Lapland. On the hike, we are looking forward to icy landscapes, warmth of wilderness cabins, and of course – great company and unforgettable experiences.

SOOPA’s Winter Hike is a week-long trip in the arctic hills of Lapland. We will divide into small groups and ski about 50 to 100 km during the hike, depending on the wishes of the group. On Winter Hikes the groups usually ski from cabin to cabin so the route depends on the location of the cabins and distances between them. Some days can also be set aside for short day trips with light backpacks, and you might then climb to the summit of a nearby arctic hill.

We are leaving for the hike on Monday evening, December 29th, and will return to Oulu on Monday evening, January 5th. You are welcome to join the hike even if you are not a Scout or have no previous hiking experience.


General guidelines not yet available in English.

If you don’t have any clue of your fitness level, you can test your fitness for the hike by doing a fitness test (there are plenty online, for example google ’walking test’). If you do a test, mark down the name and result of the test and submit the information in the ”Physical Fitness” section of the registration form. Testing your fitness is not necessary, but hiking with the group will be much more pleasant when the members have about the same capability and attitude for hiking.


The group sizes during the hike will be about six people. When arranging the groups, we will do our best to take into account the fitness level of the hikers as well as their personal wishes. There will also be some more experienced hikers in each group. Food will be prepared in small cooking groups, usually consisting of 2 people. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be needed for each hiking day, and the cooking groups can decide themselves what they would like to take. Here are some meal suggestions.

Winter hikes can be challenging so it is important to have suitable gear for arctic weather conditions. Especially first-time hikers should take their time to prepare themselves and check their equipment carefully. Advice and tricks can be found in the gear list (coming) or in the chronicles from former hikes. And of course questions are always welcome.

During the hike we will mostly be sleeping in wilderness cabins. However, you should also be prepared to spend nights in a tent and have appropriate gear for that. This gear list for Winter Hike gives you an overview of the most important equipment, both personal and group gear. It is not necessary to own all the group gear mentioned in the list because the group members can agree together on how to get the equipment needed. Tents suitable for winter camping can be borrowed from SOOPA without charge, and SOOPA also has winter hiking skis, boots and coats, that you can rent for the hike. Ask more about the gear that you want to rent from SOOPA’s store-keeper (varastonhoitaja). There are also other places where you can find hiking gear such as or emailing other SOOPA members, soopa(at)

Please note that you should take along breakfast to eat on the bus for the first day as well as towels, shampoo and fresh clothes in a separate bag for the after-hike sauna. Those things can stay on the bus during the hike (you do not have to carry them).


A pre-trip meeting will be held before the hike for all the participants. It is an opportunity for you to get to know your fellow group members before the hike, and think about the route you want to take. Moreover, the groups can check that they have all the needed group gear, and assign cooking groups for the hike. The meeting is also an excellent place for new hikers to get more information about the hiking area as well as some basics about the gear and safety on hikes. There will be experienced hikers who are happy to answer any questions you may have.

If the group does not agree on the above-mentioned things in the pre-meeting, it is the group leader’s responsibility to make sure their arrangements are done. If you cannot make it to the meeting, please contact your group and group leader to get all the necessary information. The meeting will take place after the sign-up for the trip has ended, on 10.12. at 17 in Aulakahvila at the Oulu University.


We will most likely travel to the hiking areas by bus. Pick-up places are at the central bus station in the city center, in Tuira (Merikoskenkatu) or at Linnanmaa (bus station in front of door T2). When we return to Oulu, you can be dropped off at the above mentioned places. We will depart from Oulu around 9 pm on Monday 29th of December and be back in Oulu around 10 pm on Monday 5th of January. The departure and arrival times will be arranged according to the arrival/departure times of the trains from southern Finland. The exact schedule for the hike will be announced later in the instructions sent to the hikers after the sign-up period has ended.


The price for the hike is 80 €. The price includes transportation from Oulu to the hiking area and back, sauna and a buffet lunch on the way back, and a map of the hiking area. The price does not include any insurance, thus everyone is responsible for that individually. The participants must also pay SOOPA’s member or supporting member fee for the year 2015 to take part in the hike. (Instructions for becoming a SOOPA member and paying the membership fee.)

The payments for the hike have to be paid to SOOPA’s bank account by 27th of November at the latest, so we recommend that you pay it right after signing up. Those who have not paid the participation fee for the hike or SOOPA’s membership fee by the deadline will not be considered as participating on the hike. If they still want to join the hike, they must follow the instructions for late sign-up.

If SOOPA must cancel the hike for some reason, all payments will be reimbursed, and you can also ask the membership fee back if you do not plan to attend any other SOOPA events.

If you get ill before the hike, you can ask about the reimbursement of the payments with a written message from the person in charge of the hike (contact information in the end of this message).

All payments have to be made to SOOPA’s bank account:
IBAN: FI72 574136 20057718
Reference number: 11578
Sum: 80 + 7€ = 87€

The membership fee and payment for this hike should be paid at the same time.


Sign up for the hike with this online form.

The last day for signing up is Thursday 27th of November 2014, before midnight. This is also when all the payments for the hike are due.

The first 50 hikers to sign up will get on the hike. Preference is given to SOOPA members that are currently studying at the university but usually there has been room for everybody.

If there is still space left on the bus, you can try to get on the hike after the sign-up period has ended by contacting us. However, we will charge an extra 15 € fee in case of late sign-up.

SOOPA has the right to deny access to the hike from a person who is seen as dangerous to himself or the group. This might occur due to fitness level or health condition. In such a case, all the payments will be reimbursed to the person.

All SOOPA’s events are alcohol-free.

Welcome to the Winter Hike!

On behalf of the Winter Hike committee,
Tuuli Veteläinen, Katharina Palmer, Noora Pekkala
soopa.vaeltaa (at)